Welcome to Premo, Student Housing Breda

Welcome to Premo, Student Housing Breda area

Premo Student Housing is the ultimate way of living student life in the Greater Breda area, providing an attractive ‘home away from home’ experience in a unique campus setting.
Six stunning villa’s, connected by a spacious private park, constitute one exciting campus that welcomes 34 students from all nationalities. Most students we accomodate study at AVANS, NHTV and the St. Joost Academy in Breda. 

There are single and double rooms for the best rates in The Netherlands. So whether you want to live alone or live with a friend, there are high quality options that cater for everyone’s needs and this for the lowest prices in the market.

The days of sharing a small dorm room belong to the past! At Premo you will find more than just hallways and bedrooms; you will find room to relax, to study and to have fun! In other words, room to live a fantastic life.

Fully furnished living,
High Speed Internet,
fully equipped and huge kitchens,
washing machines,
game rooms,
cool fellow students,
free cars to use,
and much more....